REMOTE: Severe storms and hail monitoring network

granizoThis research project aims to implement a monitoring network to study storms associated with the occurrence of hail in the State of Parana. In addition to developing the obsevation network and hail collection, we intend to perform chemical composition and microbiological analysis on the collected hail stones. The chemical and  microbiological composition of frozen hydrometeors may elucidade the story story of the storm and  provide solutions to the uncertainties related to the numerical modelling of such processses.

The network will be formed over the period of two years and will initially work on nodes of the UTPR campi (shown below), but not limited to these. The network should have permanent members and volunteers previously trained for this purpose.



This figure shows the locations of UTFPR campi which will host the project's local coordinators. The main coordination will be hosted at Londrina, which will also manage the data archives and collected samples.




Funding agency   fundacao_araucaria