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Free public transport due to air pollution in Paris

Air pollution has reached alarming levels in Paris, due to an unusual meteorological setting. The...
Climate and Clean Air Coalition to reduce short-lived climate pollutants

The Federal University of Technology has joined the international initiative for investigating...
The danger of backyard burning in urban areas

Smoke from biomass burning is a major contributor to air pollution, even in urban areas. Burning...
Events and Outreach
13th IGAC Science Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry

The 13th IGAC Science Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry and the 13th ICACGP symposium will take...
9th International Conference on Air Quality: Science and Application

24-28 March 2014Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany   Air quality continues to be a key issue for...
São Paulo Spring School 2013

      The investigation of urban heat island and other urban effects on the climate of the...
The Federal University of Technology invites applications for a Postdoctoral Scholar

   The newly established Graduate Program in Environmental Engineering of The Federal University...
Masters of Climate Change

The University of Waterloo invites applications to its new Masters of Climate Change (MCC) program...
Diploma Thesis:The cooling effect of green spaces on the mitigation of urban heat island in Londrina

Green areas in urban environments can contribute to the mitigation of the urban heat island...